50 Reasons Why Window Tinting

Tint window can create a more comfortable environment by eliminating “hot wall” and “cold wall” problems.
You will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter no matter where the sun is shining.
Window tinting also cuts annoying glare which adds to your personal comfort.
Window tint all flat glass homes, buildings, office.

Window tint for Health & safety
Collision with glass when glass breaks, internal glass doors and partitions, Skin Cancer, Claims culture, High risk areas, Spontaneous breakage
Food hygiene.

Window tint for Auto tint, car tint, Smash and grab
In simple terms it enhances the look of a car, With tinted windows the car looks distinctive. Smash & Grab & Strong membrane to contain glass should it break
Skin Cancer, Increase the strength of glass, Improves vision and safety, More resistant to forced entry, Reduces Heat, Shades the inside of the car.

Window tint to Blocks UV Radiation
Reduces fading and interior cracking, Increases Skin Protection, Increases air-conditioning efficiency, Improves occupant comfort, Reduces Glare, Lessens eye fatigue, Add privacy.

Window tint for Security and computer interference
Break-ins, Buildings under threat, Privacy, Electromagnetic interference.

Window tint for the effects of the sun
Glare & These films filter out up to 75% of glare from the sun, Productivity, Solar control window film blocks out 99%, UV radiation and up to 75%, Skin cancer , Heat gain & Heat-influenced accidents, Sun Shielding & Solar control window film filters out 75% of the sun’s direct heat, Window blinds, Allergies to the sun, Fabric deterioration & Fading of items of value.

Window tint for Energy control
Energy costs, Energy loss.

Window tint for Aesthetics
Glass graphics, Transform the external look of the building, Window blinds for aesthetic purposes, External image, Graphics on blinds, Muraglass, Applied graphics with film.

Window tint for Blast protection
Accidental explosions