Smash and Grab

A Smash and Grab experience can be very unpleasant.

Even while driving on a highway, stones, bricks and other objects can still be thrown through your car windows. While a car not equipped with Smash & Grab is at great risk to be damaged, the risk of damage to a car with smash and grab by falling objects is minimized

Never stop on a road, not even on a highway when objects are thrown at your car, to prevent you from being hijacked.

When you consider applying Smash & Grab to your vehicle, keep in mind that we can visit you at home, with samples of the different shades.

Even your vehicle’s sunroof can be smash & grabbed. Smash & Grab can also prevent hail damage to your car.


Window tinting can add value to your home and also has other advantages.

It can give your home a greener look, especially on very hot days. You will feel cooler inside your home if you look through tinted windows, and the outside will look greener.

At night it is also advantageous as you can see to the outside, but no one can see you, thereby warning you if intruders are prowling around on your property.

Severe weather conditions, such as hailstorms, can cause severe damage to your property. When a two-ply film is applied to the windows, shattering will be prevented.

An option for sandblasting your windows is applying decorative vinyl to the windows. The vinyl can be removed without damaging the glass. Vinyl will give privacy to your home, whereas when the sandblasting starts fading at the edges, you need to replace the glass, which is not the case with vinyl.

It can also happen that the sun is too low and that there is too much sunshine in a room. You can address this problem when applying two-ply film to the windows.

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